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The Brain Charity has been supporting those affected by neurological conditions for 27 years now and we pride ourselves on providing the help that is most relevant to our community in the here and now. COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives immeasurably and The Brain Charity community is no different.

We are putting in place two new projects to help:

  1. We have started a community support service which is designed to help keep our most vulnerable community members safe indoors during the lockdown. We can make a trip to the shops for them, pick up their prescriptions, keep gas meters topped up and even help with visits to the vets if their pets becomes sick.

The Brain Charity Covid-19 coronavirus Appeal - empty trolleys at supermarket

  1. Due to having to reduce all face-to-face contact down to the bare minimum we have had to temporarily halt all our activities like our craft club and coffee mornings. To replace them we are developing a group chat environment for our community to talk to each other. This means that even if we are socially distant then at least we aren’t socially isolated.

Why are these initiatives so important?

Many people with neurological conditions are those in society who are most at risk to COVID-19. That means they are not able to use supermarkets and due to an increase in demand put upon the online services, are unable to order it in. On top of that, many are unable to cook due to physical disabilities.

 The Brain Charity Covid-19 coronavirus Appeal hot meal

For instance, one of our service users, Neil, was unable to get his shopping from his local ASDA because of the bare shelves. Due to his muscle deterioration caused by his Multiple Sclerosis he is unable to lift up pans in order to cook for himself. Neil did not have anyone else he could turn to so he turned to The Brain Charity. 

“My Multiple Sclerosis means it is hard for me to leave the house anyway but the virus has made that even harder. I can’t do an online shop from my local ASDA because I can’t afford the £40 minimum order and can’t afford to pay for the delivery of a cheaper shop”

Neil lives alone with his black and white cat, Beast, who is currently the extent of his support network. Due to his MS symptoms, his muscle deterioration, he no longer has the strength to lift a pan up let alone cook a simple meal. Often this means that he lives off biscuits, sandwiches and if he can manage to make it, jam on toast.

Not only is his MS a massive barrier to him eating proper meals, he also now has to deal with the bare shelves at his local supermarket. The few things he is able to prepare for himself are constantly out of stock due to the panic buying that COVID19 has caused. Neil has even been struggling to get food for his cat. “It’s the cat I’m worried about more than myself. My cat has a beautiful soul, 5 years ago he was a stray and I took him in. We keep each other company.”

The Brain Charity Covid-19 coronavirus Appeal cat1 wide

When he turned to online shopping he found that he couldn’t afford the minimum spend required to get the free delivery and he couldn’t afford the delivery cost either. Some websites he visited wouldn’t even be able to deliver for the next several weeks because so many other people had already placed orders.

“People just assume that I’ve got friends and family that can support me but I’ve got no one to turn to. No one has knocked on my door to see if I’m okay and I could end up starving.

Neil uses a wheelchair, so many places are inaccessible generally and the only way he can travel is through public transport. Considering he is immunocompromised public transport is currently a considerable health risk.

The Brain Charity Covid-19 coronavirus Appeal empty supermarket trolleys

For Neil a service where meals are prepared and delivered has become vital. With no other support network in place, Neil needs The Brain Charity’s new ‘meals on wheels’ style initiative. The Brain Charity has been supporting those affected by neurological conditions for the last 27 years. There have been many challenges that have faced the community and with those challenges The Brain Charity has adapted to continue bringing the best support to those who need it. The staff and volunteers are dedicated and work hard to help those with neurological conditions to live longer, healthier more active lives.

Neil’s case is not unique and there are many people like him who also need support through this difficult time.

With your donations, we can provide meals to many people like Neil who are not able to travel to the supermarket or order online and aren’t able to cook for themselves. A service like this has costs like buying food, paying cooks and running the van that delivers the meals. With your support The Brain Charity can help people like Neil through this uncertain time.

The Brain Charity Covid-19 coronavirus Appeal food delivery 2

How can you help?

With most of us stuck in our houses it can feel impossible to help others, especially when those who need support the most often require some face-to-face services. There are costs involved with providing these people with the services they need, such as purchasing food, paying staff time and buying petrol amongst other supplies. To support as many people as we can, we need your help.

  1. First you can donate to our campaign over on JustGiving. This provides us with the all-important funds to provide help to those who most need it. Getting meals to those who can’t provide them for themselves.
  1. Secondly you can share this page with everyone you know. Over the years we have come to appreciate that it’s not one person who has built The Brain Charity, but a whole community coming together. The more of your friends and family that join you in supporting us, the bigger difference we can make to people’s daily lives. We are on most social media platforms, so please find us and share this appeal. You can also text or direct message this appeal to your closest friends and family to increase the impact.
  1. Lastly if you or anyone you know is willing and able to volunteer as a vehicle driver for this project, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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